Young, Experienced and Passionate

Overview – At a glance

Founded in 2008, DNL design comprises of young, experienced and passionate professionals, our stable staff size over the past 10 years, working together in one office environment provides the strongest basis for consistent design quality and client service.

With 12000 sq. ft. in-house joinery we can deliver any kind of customized high end furniture.

We are DNL Design

We have defined team-based “learning organization” model and believe that a unified collaborative culture attracts, trains and empowers the best staff producing the best work.
The experience, analytical approach and passion for excellence have nurtured the skills of over 40 of our team members resulting in highest quality of craftsmanship.

Our History

“Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all don’t let anyone limit your dreams” – Donovan Bailey

This is what exactly the Founder of DNL Design truly believed in, which led him to give upon an honoured job in a prestigious organisation, ready to take up challenges of this competitive world by working as a freelancer hence, giving birth to

DNL Design LLC – an Interior Designing Company in 2008.

As every new organisation, DNL Design also faced teething issues in the initial years. But what makes it remarkable is, how graciously it was tackled which shoots up the graph of a team starting from 5 to 7 up to 50 energetic employees as on today.

Projects were sub-contracted for a period of about 3 years until 2011 when an in-house joinery unit was set up, steadily and gradually an upholstery unit was also built. Stressing upon the fact that there is just one mind involved behind all this – Our Founder, creating a True Success Story.

Yes! Not to miss out – About over a decade now, DNL never felt the necessity of a sales team, as it has grown its wings through its thick and thins by sheer word of mouth which is a result of incredible services we offer in terms of quality and creativity.

Our Vision & Mission

Right from the beginning (been a decade now), our mission has always been making our clients happy. Understanding what exactly are their needs  and working towards it in terms of design that we create, the materials that we use and the execution.

We have been in the business through one happy client leading to another, which itself states our Mission.

Taking each project at a time our vision is to produce timeless designs which would be remembered, providing solutions in the field of Retail, Corporate, Commercial and Residential.

About us

Founded in 2008, DNL Interior Design comprises of young, experienced and passionate professionals. Our stable staff size working together over the past decade provides a strong base for consistent design quality and client service. Conceptualizing as per our client’s requirements & Interior Designing with the belief that exceptional concepts are functional and reflective of user’s lifestyle. With our in house production unit of 12000 sq. ft. (joinery & Upholstery), we are able to design, manufacture and deliver any kind of customized high-end furniture.

We plan, design and manage – Retail brands, Restaurants & Cafes, Corporate offices, Luxury homes.

Our services include – Conceptualizing & Interior Designing, Project Management & Approvals, Joinery & Upholstery and complete Site Execution