Modern Restaurant Interior Design and Its Basics

Do you know that people also judge the interior design of your restaurant, besides how your food quality and services are? People pay attention to every detail. So, you need to be choosy about the style, arrangement, and color of everything in a restaurant to enhance the overall dining experience.

Suppose you’ve collected various sophisticated decorations accessories as per your free space and placed them accordingly. After styling the props, you may be wondering why the interior doesn’t look up to the mark as you expected while purchasing the accessories. Or perhaps, thinking if you’ll need the expertise of a professional prop stylist who is adept at styling things.

That said, you don’t even have to splash huge cash on sculpture or decoration accessories to make it look elegant. A simple color and pattern combination could also brighten up the dining space.

Luckily we have such talented artists on our team, who are well aware of the recent trends in the world of restaurant design. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we would always go after trends. Sometimes, we do follow trends, but mostly we try to create our unique and customized design for our customers. We always want to do the best for you, and that’s one of the reasons why we emphasize unique design ideas.

We have decorated several restaurants, and made them look as elegant as possible, besides keeping an eye on the prop styling. We take care of all details and ensure everything works together in harmony. Maybe that’s why people rewarded us by considering DNL Design as one of the best restaurant interior designers in Dubai.

If you need some interior design inspiration and guidance, we, the DNL group, are always there for you. Before getting into that part, we want to make you go through some of the basics of modern restaurant designs. So, you’ll be having the information on why we’re advising some particular layouts or designing ideas. 

Brighten Up Your Dining Space with Our Designing Ideas

Create a Focal Point

Try to design and decorate the entry space in a way that could attract the customer. It could be picturesque colors, an exquisite wall painting, or anything related to your offerings. You could also create an enticing bar counter to attract everyone’s eye.

Make It Unique with Concept

Make sure the interior design can give your customers an idea of what they can expect from the restaurant. Suppose, if you have a Chinese cuisine restaurant, you could use red color on the wall, furniture, and outside of the restaurant as red is the national color of China that symbolizes happiness and good fortune. It would be great if you combine oriental furniture with a red-colored table mat or decorate the surroundings with Chinese lanterns, paper cutting, door couplets, red and golden banners with Chinese famous quotations, and Chinese Feng Shui decorations.

Use Advanced Technology to Show – You’re Unique but do not lag behind others

Likewise, if you emphasize seafood, designing the entrance to look like the mouth of a large shark would remain a boring idea until you spice it up using the latest technology. 

So see if you could add some on-screen reading information on both sidewalls that will accompany your customer to the dining space. In addition to that, if you can add the sounds from the depths of the sea world and slight movement to the floor with intelligent lighting, it makes your customer feel like they are entering into the sea world. This, of course, will make you stand apart from the typical designs

Be Practical With the Furniture Selection

The restaurants usually have minimal space, so you’ve to pick those furniture pieces that suit the space and interior without making the dining space look crowded. You could try smart space-saving furniture, as well. Also, you can check if they are durable, comfortable, and easy to clean and maintain.  

Why choose us?

A unique design with proper lighting and prop styling is the winning card that differentiates you from every competitor. With DNL Designs, you can ensure just that. Our talented designers will give you advice on everything, from deciding wall color to where and how to place furniture or hang wall arts, even at a small pace.  

They know well how to make a compact place feel big and open enough, as nowadays people prefer spacious interiors. For the same reason, we don’t believe in designing such congested places for our customers just  for the sake of being innovative.

However, after checking the blog, please don’t conclude that we will force our design and concept on you. These were our say on how to draw attention to the decoration with some unique and creative design ideas.

We always want our designs to leave an amazing impression on your customers but won’t force you to go beyond your budget or leave your dreamed design. It could be restaurant fit-out, renovation, or requirement of a new concept restaurant, we always offer tailored solutions according to the customer’s budget and requirement.

We have designed some of the most popular restaurants and cafes in Dubai, including – JVC Bistro, 777 Smoque & Dine, Ribbons & Balloons, Yellow Monkey, Costa Coffee, and Attibassi Coffee. We’re lucky to have them as our customers. 

To have a look at the marvelous interior designs; that we’ve delivered to clients, visit our website at

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